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Being such a specialised area of law, sourcing high quality team members is a constant struggle, both professionally and administratively.  Walking into a relaxed team environment each day is a unique and rare experience and one which we constantly appreciate.  p&e Law is serious about maintaining its informal and friendly work style and we feel this is a strong benefit of working in our firm.

Employee Benefits

Billable Hours

Our partnership agreement expressly seeks to limit the number of hours worked by an individual in the firm.  We require the billing of 5.5 hours per day.  By reducing the drive for recorded billable hours it allows us to discuss issues with each other, our clients and the community and provide a service as well as carrying out paid work.  An additional 1.5 non-billable hours is required to be recorded which incorporates Marketing, Legal Education and Administration.

Family Values

Our office is very inclusive of the family members of those who work with us.  Where members of our office have the need to spend time with their family we have accommodated that.  We have created job sharing situations for our paralegal assistants who have working hours that allow them to maintain their family, health and interests and provide willing assistance to the firm’s goals.  Our professional team are also able to work remotely from home to assist with family commitments if required.

Parental Leave

In addition to the Paid Parental Leave Scheme introduced but the Federal Government in 2011, p&e Law implemented their own in 2009 whereby p&e Law will pay the equivalent of two weeks of a pregnant employee’s then annual salary package, for each full year of employment up to a maximum of ten weeks for five or more years of service.  The scale is as set out below:

  • 1 year of service = 2 weeks
  • 2 years of service = 4 weeks
  • 3 years of service = 6 weeks
  • 4 years or service = 8 weeks
  • 5 years or more of service = 10 weeks

For an employee whose spouse gives birth, it is proposed that p&e Law will pay the equivalent of two weeks paid leave to the employee at their then annual paid salary package after a full year of employment.  This is capped at two weeks paid leave.

Professional Development

The directors of the firm constantly encourage their respective team members to expand their knowledge and skill level and provide every opportunity for them to attend relevant conferences and seminars.  All lawyers are recommended to join and become involved in relevant industry groups and associations to promote their profession and that of the firm in their specialized fields of expertise.

Positions Available

p&e Law recognises that the firm is built upon the strength of its people and consequently is always looking to find the right people.  If you think your values and aspirations match ours, please call.