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Coal Seam Gas

p&e Law act exclusively for landholders affected by coal seam gas development in Queensland. We understand the land access framework in Queensland and the inner workings of the Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Act 2014 and the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 which enables us to provide advice to landholders in a clear, coherent way.

It is imperative that you seek legal advice when first approached by a CSG company. Your rights may be affected from the very first dealing.

p&e Law take on board your concerns and negotiate Conduct and Compensation Agreements (CCA’s) that protect your land and your business and compensate you fairly. A Conduct and Compensation Agreement may run with your land for 30 years so it is vital that you sign an agreement that deals with all current and future concerns, particularly those relating to the land management and water. Our knowledge of valuation principles and court determined valuation precedents allows us to negotiate compensation for all impacts on your land, business and lifestyle.

A CSG company is required to pay any legal costs a landholder necessarily and reasonably incurs to negotiate a CCA.

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Water and “Make Good”

p&e Law also have expertise in representing landholders to negotiate “make good” agreements for bores that will suffer or may suffer an impaired capacity as a result of coal seam gas companies exercising their rights to extract gas and water. We can assist you to negotiate a solution with a CSG company that might include an alternate water supply from a deeper aquifer, compensation or both.  Under the Water Act, CSG companies can take an unlimited amount of water. That doesn’t mean they can interfere with your water without providing an alternate source that is of a reasonable quality or quantity for your bore’s authorised purpose.

A CSG company is required to pay any legal costs a landholder necessarily and reasonably incurs to negotiate a make good agreement.

Landholder’s Rights

p&e Law has expertise across all environmental legislation in Queensland so that if you experience excessive noise from the drilling of a well, a contamination event or a decline in water quality for instance, we can advise you of your rights and take action.

The nature of CSG development means that resource companies must strive to co-exist with landholders for as long as the activities take place.  We act for landholders to enforce the terms of a CCA when CSG companies breach those terms. Taking a stand and enforcing a breach is important because it has the effect of improving the ongoing conduct of the CSG company.

We also negotiate agreements for infrastructure associated with the CSG industry such as powerline and pipeline easements and road resumptions.

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