P and E Law

Community Involvement

Over the last few years, p&e Law have undertaken varied pro bono work that aligns with the firm’s values. We have concentrated our pro bono work in areas where people do not have the capacity to pay and where they are being treated inequitably.

Each year p&e Law allocate a portion of the work budget to pro bono work.

Farming communities in Queensland have been dealt with inequitably in relation to a suite of laws dealing with mineral exploration, water and vegetation clearing and we have made submissions, attended senate enquiries and represented individuals in relation to these matters.

Other referrals also come to us from the Environmental Defender’s Office (‘EDO’) and often we are able to provide over the phone advice to people and sort a matter expeditiously for them.

In the past we have made donations to the Australian Rainforest Foundation in an effort to promote a clean air environment.

Of course, p&e Law are unable to assist everyone who comes through the door, but we discuss each matter on its merits and direct our pro bono services where we believe they will have the most benefit.