P and E Law

Land Resumption and Infrastructure

p&e Law understand the value of land. We recognise the importance of the true value of land in eyes of the landowner.

So when the government or Council or a constructing authority knocks on your door to take or resume your land, p&e Law know how to take measures to protect your rights and ensure that you are appropriately compensated.

p&e Law act for landholders in Queensland who wish to negotiate compensation for the acquisition or resumption of their land. Our understanding of the Acquisition of Land Act and compensation/ valuation principles derived from court determinations helps us advise you and reach fair compensation arrangements.  p&e Law regularly appear in the Land Court representing landholder’s rights.

p&e Law also act for landholders who wish to object to the taking of their land. This objection process will often bring into focus town planning issues, agronomy, environmental science and ensuring lawful government process which are areas of our expertise.