P and E Law


p&e Law represent landholders affected by all forms of resource development throughout Queensland including exploration activities, mining lease grants and mining lease renewals.

p&e Law have extensive experience in advising landholders about the impacts of resource activities and negotiating compensation that fairly reflects those impacts on your land, business and lifestyle.

Our knowledge and understanding of the land access framework in Queensland enables us to protect landholders’ rights when confronted with exploration activities. Do not sign the government’s standard Conduct and Compensation Agreement template. It does not provide adequate protection to landholders and limits your rights. We rely on our own Conduct and Compensation Agreement template as the starting point for negotiations which elevates the landholder to a more equal footing with the resource company.

p&e Law strikes agreements that take into account your concerns for your country. We look at issues you are currently facing and those you may face in the future, particularly environmental management issues such as protection of water sources, pest and weed control and contamination and pollution events.

When assessing compensation for exploration activities and mining lease grants and renewals, we call upon our knowledge of valuation principles and Land Court precedents to ensure that you are properly compensated for all impacts which may not necessarily be confined to the area of land to be directly affected by the infrastructure.