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Property Rights

Property rights

“In Queensland there are at least 188 separate pieces of legislation that define land related Property Rights or impact on the administration/management while Federal legislation (about another 19 acts)  could also have an important impact.” (The Case for Refocusing & Re-engineering Land Administration to Better Meet Contemporary and Future Needs in Property Rights and Markets, Lyons, Cottrell & Davies, paper delivered to joint AURISA and Institution of Surveyors Conference, p3-4)

We have observed and fought against the inequitable erosion of property rights in Queensland for many years.  We have defended numerous clients in various courts where government has sought to inequitably take or undermine existing rights.

We recognise and support government action which is scientifically based and equitably delivered.

We have been intimately engaged in arguments about the removal of rights in relation to vegetation clearing, access to water, protection of farming rights in the face of mineral exploration and rights generally in relation to Wild Rivers declarations.

We have drafted, legally reviewed and been cross-examined by Senate committee in relation to these issues.

We have appeared in court defending prosecutions and challenging the merit of decisions.

We have committed significant pro bono work to these issues.

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