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We provide tailored/structured seminars to suit your requirements.

The following is indicative of what can be offered in a program for you:

Vegetation Law

This seminar provides an insight into the complexity of vegetation clearing in Queensland under numerous laws and includes consideration of scientific input. The vagaries of the legislative response from government are also considered. The seminar runs for approximately 1.5 hours including question time.


The seminar covers the legal basis upon which conditions can be imposed, consider the difference between an approval and conditions of an approval and give practical examples of the application of the conditions power in various circumstances considered by the Court. The seminar runs for approximately 1.5 hours including question time.

Due Diligence

An overview of matters to be considered prior to the acquisition of land for development or particular purposes such as agricultural activity. The seminar will include references to available search sites and the types and nature of searches required. The seminar runs for approximately 1 hour including question time.

Planning Schemes and Infrastructure Charging


Expert Evidence

This seminar focuses on the role of the expert in the Planning & Environment Court. The Rules of Court, Practice Direction and a practical explanation of some ‘Dos and Do Nots’ will be discussed. Session Time: 2 hours including questions

Native Title & Cultural Heritage

A seminar on relevant aspects on Native Title and Aboriginal Cultural Heritage law that are of particular interest to clients.

Given the nature of these areas of law, it is important to understand a client’s needs and tailor a seminar to meet them. To do otherwise runs the risk of providing a lot of detailed but irrelevant information; we do not do that. For that reason, we would be pleased to tailor a presentation upon request.

Session Time: 2 hours including questions

We can also offer seminars in the following subject areas:

  • Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Koalas
  • Costal Management
  • Mining Negotiations in Communities
  • Water Act
  • ILUA