P and E Law
Vegitation and Wildlife

Vegetation & wildlife law

p&e Law have seen the emergence of these areas of law with both good and bad consequences.

Our practice has dealt with vegetation and wildlife issues both from enforcement and defence perspectives.

p&e law have drafted local laws, made submissions seeking changes to provide equity, represented defendants and prosecuted and addressed merit issues in appeals dealing with vegetation and wildlife.

p&e Law understand the importance of appropriate laws to protect vegetation and wildlife and have devoted significant resources of the firm to try to change for the better the equitable protection of our natural assets whilst balancing private property rights.  We have championed market-based incentives to achieve the proper balance.

p&e Law have assisted numerous of our government and private clients in balancing economic, social and environmental considerations to achieve negotiated positions tenable to all parties.

p&e Law have also taken hardline positions where appropriate and fought strenuously for our clients in court.

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