P and E Law


One of the most valuable assets that we have in Australia is our water.  This includes the freshwater that we rely upon for agriculture, business, industry and day-to-day living. It also includes our vast coastal waters and their resources.

p&e Law provides advice and assists with obtaining resolution in relation to development projects regarding matters such as water allocation, weir construction, waterways pollution, water quality protection, storm water management, water treatment, erosion and sediment control and set back requirements.

p&e Law provide advice in relation to the Marine Parks, State and Regional Coastal Plans, planning scheme provisions dealing with coastal management issues and the Coastal Protection and Management Act and understand the interplay of law in integrated coastal zone management.

p&e Law have acted for and against the State and Local Government, developers and submitters in providing advice, negotiating and where necessary, representing our clients in Court in matters relating to surface water, sub-artesian water, artesian waters and the coastal zone management.

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