2024 Mullenjaiwakka (Lloyd McDermott) Oration

P & E Law team members David Knobel and John Heaney attended the 2024 Mullenjaiwakka (Lloyd McDermott) Oration. The oration honours the memory of Mullenjaiwakka (Lloyd McDermott), Australia’s first Aboriginal barrister and is organised by the Indigenous Lawyers Association of Queensland.

P & E Law were a major sponsor of the event.

This year the Honourable Justice Louise Taylor gave the oration.

A large audience was in attendance to hear the Honourable Justice Louise Taylor give an inspiring and compelling talk about her journey to becoming the first Aboriginal woman in Australia to be appointed to a superior court. Her Honour’s oration also provided confronting and thought-provoking insights into the issues surrounding the hardships endured by Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the justice system. [May 2024]

Pictured: John Heaney ( P & E Law ) and Honourable Justice Louise Taylor.

Pictured: Peter Stanley (Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service), John Heaney (P&E Law) and David Knobel (P&E Law)